My name isAlex Miley
and I'm a web developer.

So, you're wondering why I'm different.
I am a web developer dedicated to the user. I specialize in UI Design and UX with strong fluency on front-end development. I implement design with usability, simplicity, and the user in mind. I have experience working with and understanding a myriad of users.
I'm a bonified professional, for reals.


I have a Bachelor's in Computer Science where I focused on the front-end. I fit in some studies on usabiliy and user experience during that time as well. My Master's in Library and Information Science is wonderfully complimentary to computer science. There, I honed my information architecture skills as well as continued my empathy and compassion for the end-user.


I’ve worked all around the world! I started out working in California and then headed to Germany for a few years. Working with different cultures and with different mindsets has truly added to a well-rounded approach to development.


There’s nothing like sitting down and watching someone use something that you've created - This opportunity to refine the project is golden. That, along with all the great things coming from front-end technologies, make this an amazing time to be a front-end developer.

This site was made using a Grunt workflow using Jade templates and a SCSS foundation. Head on over to my Github account to view the source.
Here's some stuff I've worked on.

FINE Design Group

Working at a digital agency has given me more experience than I had originally anticipated. I was able to be lead front-end developer on many projects including, but not limited to, Kimpton Hotels, DCM Ventures (this project was a back-end as well as front-end challenge for me), and Chateau Ste. Michelle. I worked on a handful of internal projects, such as a repository for designs and slideshows. Working with highly talented designers was immensely useful for me as I learned pixel-perfect development as well as refining my negotiation skills when a design got a bit out of scope.

The technologies being used are: Ruby on Rails, Sass (SCSS syntax), and jQuery. I was fortunate enough to develop a BEM-like syntax that is now being used on products called BUM. I wrote up a brief description of it on the company blog.

PPRO Financial Ltd.

I once lived in Munich for a few years. During that time, I worked as a freelancer at PPRO. I was responsible for a few internal applications and the major consumer-facing prepaid credit card sign-up page, Viabuy. I had to work with the designer, who created the marketing site, and recreate his vision into the framework we were using for the back-end engineers.

The template engine that was being used was Mako using jQuery.

Experteer GmbH

One client in Munich was going through a rebranding and asked me to work their About Us section. This was a straight-forward project with static content. The fun was designing the UI from scratch and have it match the rebranding from the rest of the site.

CHIP Xonio Online GmbH

Also in Munich, I was able to work as a User Experience Developer for the popular Their UI team was growing and needed freelance support. I was able to take the lead and design/implement the new Search page. I assisted in numerous usability tests and helped in various other places in

The template engine that was being used was Smarty using jQuery.

Innovative Interfaces, Inc.

My professional career began as a User Interface Engineer. Mainly, I helped support the UI on the Encore (a library catalog search/discovery system) product in a 3-5 person team. I became the UI Engineer lead for a product called Reporter (an internal application used by libraries to analyze statistics). As a team, we initiated the company's first usability tests on Encore, which was awesome!

The framework that was being used was Tapestry 4.1 using Dojo. Also, the occasional splash of JSP was needed to understand some other products.